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Global Firepower index : Morocco ranked 54th in terms of military capabilities

Morocco is ranked 54th by the 2017 Global Firepower index which investigates the technical strength of nations based on the number of weapons they possess. The annual report gives a detailed map to the military force in Morocco, equipments and human strength.

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Morocco is ranked 54th by the 2017 Global Firepower index, an annual report that investigates the military strength and capabilities of 133 nations. With a total score of 0.8702, the Kingdom’s military system is considered to be the 5th most powerful in the MENA region. The ranking was topped by the USA 1st followed by Russia 2nd, China 3rd, India 4th, France 5th and the UK 6th. For Arab nations, Egypt has the strongest military status followed by Saudi Arabia 2nd, Algeria 3rd and Syria 4th.

In a map that reports numbers of the military equipments possessed by Morocco, the report indicates that Manpower available are around 17,000,000 people. 14,406,000 is the number of Moroccans fit-for service of which 600,000 have reached military age. The index also mentions that the kingdom has 373,000 total military personnel, 198,000 of them are active while 175,000 are accounted as reserve personnel.

Current military strength of Morocco

The report numbers the Air power of the Moroccan military system which «includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing (helicopter) aircraft from all branches of service (Air Force, Navy, Army)».  According to the estimated numbers collected by the index, the Moroccan army has 278 total aircraft strength, 46 fighter aircrafts, 50 attack aircrafts, 158 transport aircrafts, 80 trainer aircraft, and 128 total helicopter strength.

For army strength, numbers suggest that the kingdom owns 1,276 combat tanks, 2,348 armored fighting vehicles, 448 self-propelled artillery, 192 towed artillery and 72 rocket projectors. As for navy strength, the index estimates that the country has 121 total naval assets, 3 frigates, 4 corvettes and 18 patrol crafts.

In terms of natural resources and logistics, the Moroccan army produces 500 petroleum barrels a day, consumes 210,000 and reserves 680,000 barrels. For quantitative/robust Labor Force, Morocco has around 12,230,000 labor force, 26 merchant marines, 5 major ports and 55 serviceable airports.

When it comes to financing, Morocco has spent USD3,4 billons on defense, around USD 42 billion on external depts, USD 24billion on foreign exchange and USD 282 billion on the purchasing of power parity.

The report issued yesterday on BBC Arabic relies on 50 factors to investigate a given nation’s power index score. «The numbers are calculated through our in-house formula (…) some values are estimated when official numbers are not available», writers of the report conclude.

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