Throne day : Following the royal speech, political parties remained silent

King Mohammed VI has criticized on Saturday during the throne speech the work of political parties in Morocco and blamed the failure of local officials to quickly implement development projects. For now, political parties have preferred to remain silent as they are being held responsible for the current crisis in the Rif region by analysts.

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Political parties have been highly criticized by analysts following the royal speech delivered on Saturday 29th of July. A wave of criticism and anger broke off on the same day and which was maintained during the whole weekend through national media platforms such as Medi1 TV and 2M.

In a more attacking way, academics and analysts have occupied themselves with the task of slamming politicians who failed to fulfill their duties such as Abdelilah Benkirane who wants to reapply for a third term as the head of the Justice and Development party.

The failure of political parties

For the moment, the parties concerned and which were publically blamed for the crisis in Al Hoceima are still silent. The ones who used to jump after every royal speech to comment and analyze are speechless this time.

It must be said that the leaders of the Moroccan political parties are in a bad situation : to welcome and agree with the monarch’s speech would be a way of acknowledging their failure and assuming their responsibility which led to a crisis and broke off a wave of anger in the streets of the Rif. On the other hand, instead of defending themselves, these officials preferred to remain silent without commenting on the accusations.

Yet, the royal speech has given these parties an opportunity to regain confidence in the citizens by adopting an opinion which is not necessarily that of the sovereign. Such an approach would honor the political parties, knowing that for several months PJD and Istiqlal criticized in their official statements what they described as a security approach advocated by the state in Al Hoceima.

The next few days will provide an answer to all the questions raised following the King’s speech, knowing that political parties are now held responsible for their carelessness.

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