The Polisario front criticizes the Minurso «incapability» and slams France for supporting Morocco

Mhamed Khadad, the Polisario’s coordinator with the UN mission for the referendum in Western Sahara has criticized during a conference held in the Canary Islands recently the endeavors of the UN mission. Khadad shed light through his declaration on the «inability» of the Minurso blaming the French for showing support to Morocco.

The Polisario Front criticizes the Minurso for not conveying its primary mission./Ph. DR
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The Polisario Front is unhappy about the Minurso’s work lately. The remark was declared by Mhamed Khadad, the Polisario’s coordinator with the UN mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara, during a conference held in the Canary Islands recently.

According to the Separatist movement’s media platforms, Khadad stated that the Minurso was «unable to convey its mission». In his statement, the Polisario's coordinator claimed that the Minurso was incapable of reporting «human rights violations in the region» allowing «natural resources exploitation without reacting».

Khadad also accused France of hindering the development of a solution to the dispute in the Security Council. He also denounced «the unconditional support of France to the Moroccan regime». This support that enabled the Kingdom «to enjoy, unlike other states, a permanent membership in the UN Security Council», he argued.

One year after the Guerguerate crisis

The Polisario’s coordinator with the Minurso has seized the moment during that conference to bring on the table the verdict pronounced by the European Court of Justice on the 21st of December 2016 and which excluded products imported from Western Sahara from the EU agreement signed with Morocco. He also did not miss the opportunity to express his rejection of the decision taken by the Moroccan government to integrate the Sahara into its territorial waters.

The declaration of Ahmed Khadad comes after Abdelkader Taleb Omar, the Polisario’s «Prime Minister» held a meeting in Madrid on June and Ahmed Boukhari, the Front’s representative in the UN, attended a conference on the same month in the Canary Islands. The conference to which Khadad participated comes a few weeks before the commemoration of the first anniversary of the Guerguarate withdrawal.

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