Fears raised over the condition of «Hirak» detainee, Rabii Elablaq

Rabii Elablaq, a Hirak activist detained in late June has been on a hunger strike for more than a month. Suffering from hunger, the Hirak detainee was hospitalized on Monday in Casablanca. Trying to visit his client, Abdessadek El Bouchtaoui, was not allowed to enter the hospital where Elablaq was staying. 

Rabii Elablaq, one of the Hirak detainees./Ph. DR
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After being arrested in June amid the demonstrations that took place in the northern region of the Kingdom, most precisely Al Hoceima, Rabii Elablaq, has been on a hunger strike since then. Although it was suspended, following the pressure put by his family and lawyers, the Hirak activist refused to eat for «39 days» according to, Abdessadek El Bouchtaoui. Hospitalized on Monday 31st of July, Rabii’s family and defense committee were not allowed to visit him in the hospital.

The 34-year-old Hirak activist was first detained in Al Hoceima and put in custody. Since then he started a hunger strike to protest against his arrest. However after being pressured by his family members and lawyers, Rabii suspended the strike only to resume it following Eid Al-Fitr. In late June, Rabii was transferred to Oukacha prison in Casablanca.

Rabii Elablaq is in a «critical condition»

Speaking to AFP news agency, Rachid Benali, coordinator of a group defending detainees from the Rif, stated that «his health has been deteriorating ever since». The information was confirmed today by Abdessadek El Bouchtaoui, who told Yabiladi that the detainee «10 days ago was unable to move during the interrogatory».

More than that, El Bouchtaoui stated that he was unable to visit his client in the hospital. «After coordinating with the head of the prison to visit Rabii Elablaq, we were not allowed in», explained El Bouchtaoui adding that «a delegate to the Ministry of health told us that we cannot see Rabii and refused to let us in».

The lawyer who was accompanied with others in charge of defending the Hirak detainees was told by Moulay Youssef hospital’s administration that the patient «is in a critical condition and shall not be visited», clarifies Abdessadek El Bouchtaoui.

According to El Bouchtaoui's account, Elablaq was subjected «to torture and humiliation». He stated, according to the detainee, that the latter «was tortured by the police in Al Hoceima after being transferred to Oukacha». He also added that Rabii «was exposed to degrading practices» to the point that when he mentioned that to the judge he bursted in tears in a «hysterical way».

On Saturday 30th of July, King Mohammed VI granted royal pardon to more than a thousand detainees, including 40 Hirak activists. However, More than 150 others are still in detention.