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Hirak : The Hirak activist Imad El Attabi injured during the 20th of July march, dies today

Several sources have announced on Tuesday the death of Iman El Attabi. The young Hirak activist was hit in the head during the clashes that broke off on the 20th of July amid the march that was prohibited by the local authorities in Al Hoceima. According to Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui, a Hirak lawyer, El Attabi’s family hopes that the one responsible of their son’s death will be brought to justice.

Al-Hirak al-Shaabi (Popular Movement) demonstrators face Moroccan security forces during a protest against a government ban in Al Hoceima, on 20th of July 2017./Ph. DR
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The Hirak activist, Imad El Attabi has passed away on Tuesday at the military hospital in Rabat, reports Alyaoum 24, a Moroccan online newspaper.

The young man, who was hit in the head during the clashes that broke off on the 20th of July amid the Hirak march banned by the local authorities, has been in a coma since the day he was transferred to Rabat. «The doctors at the military hospital contacted his family on Tuesday to announce the sad news after 20 days spent in coma», says Alyaoum 24 quoting the deceased relatives.

Contacted by Yabiladi, Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui, member of the Hirak detainees’ defense committee, confirmed El Attabi’s death. «This morning, the hospital called Imad’s brother to inform him about his brother’s critical condition. His death was then officially announced,» he stated. The Lawyer indicates that the activist’s family «hopes that the ones responsible for their son’s death will be brought to justice».

«Imad was undoubtedly hit by a tear gas bomb or a metallic object in the head. Do far, the family has not seen yet the medical records of the deceased».

The investigation

Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui recalled that the deceased was unconscious since the day he was transeffered to Mohammed V hospital in Al Hoceima and then to the military hospital in Rabat. «He underwent a surgery that is unknown. Even his brother confirmed that his family knows nothing about that». «His family insists on the importance of determining the circumstances surrounding the injury and the death of their son», he added. «A complaint will be filed to identify the person responsible for the death of Imad Attabi and bring him to justice», the lawyer concluded.

In fact, the investigation to determine the circumstances of Imad's injury and his death was the subject of a press release issued by the prosecutor's office on Tuesday. The Attorney General of the King near the Court of Appeal of Al Hoceima confirmed the death of the activist:

«Following a press release No. 1327-1-2017 issued by the Prosecutor General's Office of Al Hoceima Court of Appeal on the 21st of July 2017 regarding the case of Mr. Imad El Attabi, Headed and transferred to the military hospital in Rabat to receive the necessary care, the Attorney General of the King near the Court of Appeal of Al Hoceima announces that the person died this Tuesday in the above-mentioned hospital».

Reported by MAP news agency, the communiqué recalls that the King’s prosecutor at Al Hoceima’s court of first instance had ordered, on Friday 21st of July, the opening of an investigation to elucidate the circumstances that surrounded the injury of the activist. This was entrusted to the National Judicial Police Brigade which is set to discover the truth behind the incident, determine the ones responsible and take the necessary legal measures.

The King’s  Attorney General said that the investigation «is still under the supervision of the general prosecutor's office». «As soon as they are finished, legal measures have to be taken and the results will be communicated to the public,» the statement concludes.

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