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Spanish security officials accuse Morocco of allowing the flow of illegal migrants

Spanish security officials have been worried about the frequent attempts of migrants trying to break through Melilla and Ceuta. Requesting anonymity, they believe that Morocco «has taken the pressure off» with regard to migrants’ flow indicating that «they ignore the reasons behind the anger» of the Moroccan authorities.

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Despite the restricted security measures adopted by both the Moroccan and Spanish authorities, Sub-Saharan migrants have managed several times these days to enter Melilla and Ceuta. On Monday, 7th of August, 187 individuals out of 300 were able to force their way through the fences and make it to the city.

They were all transferred to a reception center. The next day, a thousand migrants have tried to enter the city of Ceuta. Only 200 of them succeeded in doing so according to local media platforms' reports.

Although the Spanish Civil Guard leadership has officially praised the commitment of the Moroccan authorities in fighting against illegal immigration, several parties in Spain have criticized the efforts made by the Kingdom. Security forces have denounced the way the neighboring country was dealing with the immigration flows.

«They ignore Morocco’s anger»

Speaking anonymously, members of the Civil Guard had a different version to the story. Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister told El Confidencial digital, a Spanish online newspaper that «Morocco has taken the pressure off» the matter on purpose in order «to send a message to the government».

They have not hesitated to compare the current situation to the one that had occurred last February. At that time, Spain had accused the Moroccan authorities of ignoring the attempts of the Sub-Saharan migrants trying to cross the borders illegally. According to them, Morocco was doing so as a response to the verdict issued by the European Court of Justice on December 21st 2016, excluding Western Sahara products from the partnership agreement signed with the European Union.

The same sources mentioned by El Confidencial digital now claim that the government «ignores Morocco’s anger».

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