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The Tunisian President reacts to Prince Moulay Hicham’s accusations

After being accused by Prince Moulay Hicham of having ordered his expulsion from Tunisia, Béji Caid Essebsi has reacted to allegations. Local media platforms in the neighboring country suggested a different account to the Prince’s deportation, replying by that to accusations.

Béji Caid Essebsi replies to the accusations of Prince Moulay Hicham./Ph. DR
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Controversy has erupted following the expulsion of Prince Moulay Hicham from Tunisia. In a recent interview conducted by France 24, a international news and current affairs television network, Moulay Hicham accused the Tunisian President of ordering his deportation. This time, local media platforms replied to allegations suggesting a whole new explanation to the story. They believe that Hédi Majdoub, the former Tunisian Interior Minister, has given an «oral» order to the police officers who carried out the Prince’s expulsion on Friday the 8th of September.

They added that Béji Caid Essebsi was not informed of the decision taken by the Minister. The same sources also report that the Tunisian President is to launch an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the expulsion of the Prince Moulay Hicham.

On the other hand, Saida Garrach, the Spokeswoman of the Tunisian presidency has declared yesterday in a Facebook post that «the President of the Republic is dissatisfied about what happened to the researcher Prince Hicham Al-Alaoui and his deportation from the Tunisian territory». However, the senior official clarified saying that «the expulsion process was carried out in accordance with administrative procedures», adding that officials were not informed about these procedures.

The Minister resigned two days before the expulsion

Two days before the expulsion of Moulay Hicham, Hébi Majdoub resigned. The latter left the Interior Department on the 6th of September and was replaced later by Lotfi Brahem, a soldier who has led the Gendarmerie for years.

It should be noted that the version given by the Tunisian media does not fit the situation of the political scene in the country where Béji Caid Essebsi is the main actor.

For the record, Prince Moulay Hicham, was expelled by the Tunisian authorities on Friday evening to France via an Air France flight. The Prince who was supposed to chair a lecture on Sunday 10th of September entitled «The Arab Spring has not yet Said its Final Word», was reportedly driven to the airport by security forces and without being given a valid explanation.

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