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NGOs and Morocco’s consulate succeed in finding the family of a Moroccan who died in Germany

Moroccan NGOs in Germany have been able to facilitate the search for a Moroccan national’s family after he was found dead by German Authorities. Through an announcement issued by the Kingdom’s consulate in Frankfurt and with the help of the Ministry of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Emigration Affairs alongside associations, members of Mimoun Boussaad's family were informed of his death and his body will be buried in Nadour, Morocco. 

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Morocco’s consulate in Frankfurt issued on the 11th of September a statement urging the Moroccan NGOs in Germany to contribute to the search of Mimoun Boussaad’s family in both the Kingdom and the federal country. The communiqué stated that the abovementioned Moroccan national born on the 3rd of April 1954 was found dead by the German authorities in the city of Pforzheim. «The German authorities have contacted the consulate to help find the family of the deceased», indicated the statement adding that Boussaad lives alone and has no one in Germany.

Replying to the consulate’s call, Moroccan NGOs in Germany have issued, a statement to announce in his home country about Boussaad's death and try to reach one of his relatives or friends. «On Wednesday, 12.09.2017, the Moroccan consulate in Frankfurt succeeded in contacting Mimoun Boussad’s family and will arrange the burial in Morocco after German authorities had set the date of 15.09 as a deadline for burying or incinerating his body», wrote the NGOs in a joint statement. «This initiative was carried out by Moroccan associations in the region and the Kingdom’s consulate in Frankfurt, highlighting the important role played by the Moroccan civil society in the country … in the last two years», concluded the same source.

The Ministry to repatriate the deceased and assist his family

The information was confirmed earlier today by Mohammed Achkalou, the Consul General in Frankfurt who informed Yabiladi that Boussaad’s family was found. «Fortunately, we managed to reach the deceased's family and they called yesterday from Morocco», said Achkalou ensuring that Boussaad’s body is to be «buried in Nadour» before the 15th of September.

«We finalized the repatriation’s procedures with the help of the Ministry of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Emigration Affairs».

When asked about the circumstances surrounding the death of the Moroccan man, the Consul General indicated that : «He is an old man who passed away due to natural causes. The German authorities contacted us after failing to find his family in Germany, to help them reach one of them in Morocco within a period of 3 to 4 days». The Consul General clarified that «when the authorities fail to find a foreigner's family or relatives in Germany they just order the burial of the body in a random cemetery or incinerate it», he concluded.

For their part, the delegate Ministry in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Emigration Affairs told Yabiladi on Thursday that it would cover the full repatriation costs of the deceased. The ministry will also assist the family of Mimoun Boussaad throughout the various legal and administrative procedures.

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