Human Rights : Ramid and Morocco put under pressure in Geneva

During the Universal Periodic Review organized; in May, by the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, Mustapha Ramid swept aside all calls for parity and individual freedoms. On September 21st, he will head to Geneva to plead once again the Moroccan case. Nevertheless, in only four months, the kingdom added spots to its file.

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Mustapha Ramid, the Minister of State for Human Rights, will present the Moroccan government’s response to the recommendations suggested during the international forum organized amid the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) last May, on the 21st of September at the headquarters of the Human Rights Council. The Kingdom’s dossier is set to be presented on Thursday afternoon alongside the one of Finland and Indonesia, states the UN HRC.

In other words, we should not expect a significant change for the Kingdom’s situation when it comes to matters related, in particular, to gender equality and individual freedoms.

The Minister of State for Human Rights had already swept away in May in Geneva all the recommendations expressed by  European countries and internationals NGOs  regarding the repeal of some articles that penalize homosexuality in Morocco. Mustapha Ramid, back then, refused the request saying that such a step would create «social tension and political confusion».

Morocco, the Hirak and its detainees

«Morocco is determined to reject all practices that undermine moral order, such as sexual freedom, sexual relationships outside marriage and homosexuality», the Minister of State commented during a review of his department by a House of Representatives commission.

The Kingdom is discussing the new deadline at the Human Rights Council while reporting new bad points. Its handling of the demands of the «Hirak» social unrest and the heavy sentences of imprisonment pronounced against activists in the Rif will weaken the situation of Morocco among the members of the HRC.

The conviction of Hamid Mahdaoui, a journalist, to a year in prison will undoubtedly put the Moroccan delegation in a delicate situation in front of Human rights activists and NGOs.

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