35 Hirak detainees are on a hunger strike and two of them are hospitalized

35 Hirak detainees, held in the Oukacha local prison in Casablanca, are still on a hunger strike. Consequently, Hirak prisoners Mohammed Jaloul and Rabii Elablaq were taken to the hospital yesterday after their health deteriorated.

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35 Hirak detainees are on a hunger strike and two of them are hospitalized./Ph. DR

After being arrested for taking part of the massive demonstrations held in the northern region of the kingdom, namely Al Hoceima, 35 Hirak detainees went on a hunger strike to protest against their detention. Among these hunger strikers, Mohammed Jaloul and Rabii Elablaq fasted in a way of non-violent resistance. Unfortunately the two Hirak activists were taken to the Hospital on Tuesday, October 10th, after their health deteriorated.

This was confirmed by Said Jaloul, brother of Mohammed Jaloul, who told Yabiladi and Rabii Elablaq alongside his brother were hospitalized yesterday evening after they spent 32 days without eating. «Last Wednesday, we visited the detainees, and the families are supposed to see them today, their health is much deteriorated and they are in a very dangerous state», said Jaloul’s brother. He also indicated that «most of the detainees are suffering from severe weight loss», adding that his brother, as an example, is weighing 58 kg, losing 22 kilos.

He said in a statement to the site that «the detainees are stuck to continue their hunger strike, and we have already as a family appealed to my brother to suspend his hunger strike but did not respond, and rejected categorically, and stressed that it remains dependent on a solution to their cause.

Said Jaloul also stated that «the detainees are determined to carry the hunger strike, and we have already tried to make my brother suspend the strike but he refused and rejected the idea insisting that the suspension of the strike is linked to finding a solution to their problem».

On the other hand, the prison administration was not engaged in negotiations with the detainees, according to the same source. Jaloul indicated that «instead, detainees were banned from using phones, and were harassed and threatened». He stressed that other detainees like Rabie Elablaq and Nabil Ahmeizq are not in good shape.

Hunger strikers' critical condition

Meanwhile, Abdellatif Elablaq, the brother of Rabii Elablaq, told Yabiladi that «for now nothing is confirmed» regarding the transfer of detainees to the hospital. «What we know for the moment is that the detainees including my brother are in a dangerous condition». He added that detainees «are suffering from high blood pressure … and this is affecting them, as far as I know Mohammed Jaloul lost consciousness repeatedly» in the past.

According to Abdellatif Elablaq’s account, the prison administration refused to take his brother to a hospital outside prison and preferred to «take care of his condition in the prison’s hospital».

For his part, lawyer Mohamed Agnag, member of the defense committee set to support Hirak detainees, posted on his Facebook saying that he visited on Tuesday the detainees «and noticed their deteriorating health condition (weight loss, and high blood pressure...) and that they awaiting the results of a checkup they did».

He also said that «Rabie Elablaq told him that Muhammad Jaloul fainted and a doctor was called to assist him”. He said that Elablaq and Mohammed Jaloul’s health and "the situation of other detainees is very critical.»

The DGAPR : Jaloul and Elablaq are not hospitalized

Meanwhile, the administration of Ain Sbaa local prison said in a statement issued later this afternoon, Wednesday 11th of October, that the two hunger strikers were not taken to the hospital. The General Directorate of Prison Administration (DGAPR) denounced the information published through social media and the statement of the two Hirak detainees’ brothers insisting that Mohammed Jaloul and Rabii Elablaq are being checked on by the medical staff in prison.  

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