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Is «SADR» attending the 5th African Union-EU summit ?  

An Ivorian official told Jeune Afrique on Wednesday that his country refuses to invite «SADR» to the 5th AU-EU summit. On the same day El Moudjahid, an Algerian newspaper, criticized in one of its editorials Morocco and its policy in Africa comparing it to the one adopted by «some European capitals».

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Today, Friday 27th of October, the deadline granted by the African Union Executive Commission to Cote d’Ivoire is expected to expire. The country, which is supposed to host the 5th African Union-European Union summit has been forced by the continental institution to invite all State Members to the meeting.

Meanwhile, Jeune Afrique, a French-language Pan-African weekly news magazine published in France, reported that «SADR» would be excluded from the partnership meeting scheduled for the 29th and 30th of November in Abidjan. «We do not recognize this state and have we informed the president of the African Commission about that. We are financing this meeting and we have the right to invite who we want», an Ivorian official told the magazine.

For the moment, The Polisario Front has not reacted yet to the Ivorian decision. And the same goes for its supporters, namely Algeria and South Africa.

El Moudjahid’s editorial on October 25th

While waiting for an Algerian or South African reaction, on Wednesday, October 25th, El Moudjahid, an Algerian French-language newspaper owned by the government, issued an editorial entirely dedicated to the Messahel’s latest crisis. El Moudjahid did not miss the chance to criticize Morocco’s African policy comparing it to the one adopted by several European countries.

The newspaper’s critics targeted the European Union all while defending the accusations declared last Friday by the Algerian Foreign Minister, Abdelkader Messahel. The latter has accused Morocco of laundering drug money through banks’ investments in the African continent.

And as the newspaper expresses the positions of the Algerian regime, each word had a meaning. For the record, On Monday, 10th of October, the French Foreign Minister, Jean Yves le Drian declared in Rabat that France is for «a consensus solution that would allow only sovereign states to participate in the partnership meeting, AU-EU». A decision that immediately denounced by the separatist front.

On the other hand, a decision adopted by the regional institution suggests that all Member States have the right «to participate in all meetings, activities and events organized within the context of partnerships». The decision warns indicating that «all Member States that do not comply with the provisions will be deprived from the privilege of hosting the meetings».

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