Geert Wilders campaigns against Moroccan-Dutch MPs' dual citizenship

Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician Known for his anti-immigration and anti-Islam positions, has urged the Dutch parliament to set an ethnic qualification for MPs with a dual citizenship. A decision that he failed to back in the past.

Geert Wilders, founder and leader of the PVV./Ph. DR
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Geert Wilders, founder and current leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), is back again with an anti-immigration speech. This time, the Dutch Politician is campaigning against dual-citizenship in the Netherland, and most precisely in the Dutch parliament. In fact, Wilders urged on Wednesday 1st of November an ethnic qualification for being a lawmaker in the country, as reported by RTL nieuws.

In a short video published by the same online newspaper, the PVV leader stated that : «This is the Netherlands’ parliament, you have to be Dutch here. I don’t want a turk, a Moroccan, or a Swede in the parliament. Don’t I have the right to say this ? This is my country».

Geert Wilders who is known for campaigning against Islam and immigration in public and was previously accused of discriminate against persons of Moroccan origin, pointed out that members of the Dutch parliament with a dual citizenship must give up on their other nationality or leave. Wilders defended his proposal insisting that deputies with two citizenships must be loyal to the Netherlands and not to two countries.

Campaigning against Moroccan-Dutch MP's dual citizenship

Targeting Turks, Swedes and Moroccans, the MP insisted that the dilemma can create a conflict of interests inside the parliament. According to an article issued on October 2010 by Reuters news agency, Wilders submitted a proposal intended to force Deputy Health Minister Marlies Veldhuijzen van Zanten «to drop her Swedish nationality».

Three years before, the PVV founder called for two deputy ministers of Turkish and Moroccan origin to do the same thing. To put it in other words, in 2007 Wilders called the two deputy ministers to give up their second nationality. He argued for a vote of no confidence against Nebahat Albayrak (Dutch-Turkish) and Ahmed Aboutaleb (Dutch-Moroccan), currently works as the mayor of Rotterdam.   

However, the British news agency states that Wilders did not get support in the parliament for his proposal. Although Geert Wilders won 20 seats in the House of Representatives following the March elections, he is still supposed to persuade a decisive portion of voters to back his extreme positions.

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