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Polisario : Former «ministers» launch an initiative for change

A new «initiative for change» has been launched by former «ministers» in the Tindouf camps. With bare faces, the Polisario ex-officials announced the creation of their new movement.

Former «ministers» launch an initiative for change in the Polisario./Ph. DR
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Fifteen months after he was appointed as head of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali managed to get his policy criticized by a number of opponents who created a movement called «the Sahrawi initiative for change» (SIC), reports a media platform in Tindouf.

Unlike previous similar attempts, members of the new initiative are known to everyone, reside in the Tindouf camps and have held senior positions in the past. For the moment, only two former «ministers» of the Front, El Hadj Ahmed Barakallah and Ouallad Moussa (cousin of M’Hamed Khaddad, the Sahrawi coordinator with MINURSO) and the «diplomat» Hdiah Abouiha have signed the document announcing the launch of the project. In the latter, they introduce themselves as the SIC coordinators.

El Hadj Ahmed is, moreover, the best known figure among the signatories. He served for a long time as a «Minister for Latin America». As a Front’s «minister», he had made numerous trips to the countries of the region, particularly to Peru where he had managed to create a network in the parliament, media and civil society.  

Is it a real change ?

Despite working as an official, El Hadj was left out by Mohamed Abdelaziz during the 14th congress of the Polisario’s General Secretariat, held in December 2015 in the «Dakhla Camp». Since then, he completely disappeared even after the appointment of Brahim Ghali.

The men behind the new initiative obviously do not break up with their discourse claiming that the Sahara is a «colony» and demanding the «right to self-determination». However, they demand transparency in the management of the Sahrawi affairs in the Tindouf camps and the fight against corruption. The same slogans used by Brahim Ghali weeks after assuming office.

For the moment it is still too early to predict the future of the «Saharawi Initiative for Change». Are we then dealing with a movement that is truly seeking change or simply a cry from former officials to be in the spotlight once again ? The upcoming weeks will certainly provide an answer to the question.

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