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The Good Country Index : Morocco ranked 44th in the world and 1st in North Africa

Morocco has managed to better its performance according to the Good Country Index moving from 73rd in 2016 to 44th in 2017 among 163 nations. The report issued annually shows also how the kingdom managed to top the ranking in the North African region.

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Morocco is ranked 44th by the Good Country Index (GCI) which measures how each country in the world contributes to the planet and to the human race through its policies and behaviors.  The report’s 2017 ranking shows how the North African kingdom managed to better its position moving from 73rd in 2016 to 44th in the world.

The GCI is based on 35 data points, five in each of seven categories. Morocco was ranked 10th in the International Peace and Security subindex, 45th in Science and Technology, 43rd in Prosperity and Equality, 58th in Health and Wellbeing, 79th in Planet and Climate 85th in Culture. The data utilized in the report is mostly generated by the United Nations.

Morocco has performed well also regionally as it was ranked first in North Africa followed by Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya. In Africa, Mauritius was first, above of Morocco, South Africa; Tunisia and Kenya. In the Arab world, Morocco topped the ranking ahead of Jordan, Tunisia, UAE and Qatar.

Contributing to the world's growth, prosperity and peace

In the global ranking, Netherlands was positioned first followed by Switzerland 2nd, Denmark 3rd, Finland 4th and Germany 5th. At the bottom of the list lays Chad 159th, Yemen 160th, Iraq 161st, Libya 162nd and Afghanistan 163rd.

The report is developed by Simon Anholt who «has worked with the Heads of State and Heads of Government of more than fifty countries over the last twenty years, helping them to engage more productively and imaginatively with the rest of the world».

According to him «it’s no longer enough to provide prosperity, growth, justice and peace to one population alone : the international consequences of every action must be considered. Economic growth is a good thing, but not if it’s at the cost of the environment or the wellbeing of another country or species».

«Competition between nations is increasingly looking like a dangerous idea. It’s up to us to tell these things to our politicians, and the Good Country Index can help get the message across».

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