History : General Dlimi’s nephew believes his uncle’s death was decided by the Americans

Unlike the assassination of Mehdi Ben Barka, the death of General Dlimi received little attention. But this was not the case in 2015, when Dlimi’s nephew argued that the death of his uncle was plotted by Washington, referring to the suspicious relationship between the Moroccan general and France.

General Ahmed Dlimi./Ph. DR
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Hicham Dlimi, General Ahmed Dlimi’s nephew, questioned in 2015 the circumstances surrounding the death of his uncle, who was killed in a car crush 35 years ago. Commemorating today, 25th of January, the sudden and suspicious death of the Moroccan General, we shed light on what his nephew suggested almost three years ago. On his facebook page, Hicham gave his version of the story regarding his uncle’s mysterious assassination.

Was it decided by Washington ?

The nephew, who lives in Paris, accused the United States and most precisely a CIA agent in Rabat of being behind the death of General Dlimi. According to his account, the accident was a murder plotted by Washington to get the rid of France and exclusively supply Morocco with weapons. Hicham suggested that the general was accused by the Americans for being too close to France and to the left and rumors were spread regarding the fact that Dlimi was allegedly collaborating with the Algerian government.

Everything was planned and studied during Hassan II’s visit to Washington in 1982, during which the King held talks with President Ronald Reagan, Secretary of State George Shultz, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, William Clark from the National Security Council and Willian Casey head of the CIA.   

A meeting that «deeply disturbed General Dlimi, who was not informed of the extent of the relationship the king decided to establish with the American administration», said Hicham. However, the close ties between the United States and Morocco, most precisly with the Pentagon and the CIA, were maintained before 1982, and especially during the first years that followed independence. 

Surviving several assassinations

Once the sentence has been pronounced, his death was prominent. The nephew argued indicating that his uncle escaped several attacks aimed at ending his life. «Dlimi’s jet escaped sabotage twice; the general’s escort discovered a bomb in the engine room». The third attempt was targeting his armored vehicle that exploded the time when the general took a helicopter while on mission.

The fourth and last attempt was the car crush which occurred on the 25th of January 1983 in Marrakech when Francois Mitterrand was visiting Morocco. Was it a message from the Monarch to the socialist president ?

The version of the story given by Hicham Dlimi comes as Ahmed Tobji provided his readers with a different account in 2006 through «Les officiers de Sa Majesté : Les dérives des généraux marocains» (Fayard, 2006). In his book, the former aide-de-camp of Dlimi had another explanation for the death of this historical figure. Meanwhile, Ahdem Kadiri, a former army colonel who currently leads a small party, revealed in September 2013 that Dlimi died because he knew too much. He allegedly stated that the king did not accept that.