Moroccan Refugee Initiative Honored in Washington

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Hala Cherradi, a Moroccan national who initiated the 'Don't be Silent Berlin'./Ph. DR

Kickstarted by Moroccan student Hala Cherradi and her friends from Berlin's Design Akademie, the «Do not Be Silent Berlin» project won Wednesday's «Peer To Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge» in Washington. The prize rewards student initiatives that fight against hate speech and extremism.

As for Hala Cherradi's concept, the aim is to raise awareness against anti-refugee hatred by federating the «silent majority», which does not share prejudicial or xenophobic views. To this end, Hala has written, directed and co-produced with her colleague David Callamand a series of videos entitled «Face the truth», which highlight the success stories of refugees in Germany.

In a broader way, «Do not Be Silent Berlin» is also an opportunity for meetings for young people aged 18-30, to encourage them to react against anti-migrant hate speech in Germany, particularly on social networks.

This project was chosen among three others, led by university students from Lebanon, Brazil and Bangladesh.

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