A British boy abducted by his mother is believed to be taken to Morocco

Alex Batty, a British child, is believed to be taken to Morocco by his mother and grandfather who pursue an «alternative lifestyle». They are both wanted for alleged abduction.

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Alex Batty, a 12-year-old boy believed to be abducted by his mother and grandfather and taken to Morocco./Ph. PA

A 12-year-old British boy is believed to be abducted by his mother and grandfather, who both have no parental guardianship, and taken to Morocco. The police suspect that the three, who are from Greater Manchester, have travelled after a trip to Spain to Melilla and settled down in a commune in the North African Kingdom, reports the BBC on Tuesday.

To pursue an «alternative lifestyle», Melanie Batty, 37, and David Batty, 58, who are currently wanted for alleged abduction have already brought the kid to Morocco in 2014. Speaking to Susan Caruana, Alex’s maternal grandmother and his legal guardian, she indicated that an disagreement had probably led to the kid’s alleged abduction. She also insisted that he must have been taken to Morocco like the previous time.

Brought to Morocco to live an alternative lifestyle

In fact, both Melanie and her father accompanied with Alex were last seen in the UK in September after going on a trip to Spain. According to the same source, the three family members were spotted again in Malaga port on the 8th of October the day they were supposed to return to England.

The Police believe that the three left for Melilla, and then to Morocco. And despite the thorough police inquiry and assistance of the Spanish authorities, they were not found.

Caruana, 62, argues that her daughter’s alternative beliefs have definitely led them to the Moroccan Kingdom where, Alex’s mother wants to follow a special lifestyle. According to the Telegraph, Melanie and her father have voiced before their thoughts of living differently as pointed out by her mother : «they didn't want him to go to school, they don't believe in mainstream school».

«I love him so much and I'm beginning to think I may never see him again. I just hope this appeal helps to find him», said Alex’s grandmother who is worried about her grandson not going to school and not receiving the basic care a child needs.

The Greater Manchester police, in an attempt to trace the 12-year-old boy, issued a Fresh appeal on his 12 birthday.

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