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IUSY: The Polisario elected deputy president while the USFP returns empty-handed

The Sahrawi Youth Union of the Polisario was elected for the fourth time in a row deputy president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. On the other hand, USFP returned home empty-handed.

The International Union of Socialist Youth./Ph. DR
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Partisan diplomacy has just witnessed another setback on the 33rd Congress of the International Union of Socialist Youth, held on the 16th and 17th of February in Becici, Montenegro.

A representative from the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), who also works at the Minister of Civil Services’ cabinet, failed to stop members of the Sahrawi Youth Union (UJSARIO) from putting their hand on an influential position, Deputy president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

«And yet, she is used to be part of such trips. A choice that raises questions regarding the socialist party», wonders a source from the USFP when contacted by Yabiladi.

The fourth time in a row for the Polisario

This is, indeed, the fourth consecutive time that young socialist people from the Polisario win such position at the IUSY. The union granted a full membership to the Saharawi Students Union (UESARIO) during the second day of its session.

Previously, the front was only an observer. A status that the Polisario owe, in part, to the positive vote of the young people of Driss Lachgar at the February 2016 meeting held in Albania.

Following the 33rd Congress of Montenegro last weekend, the Front is now represented in IUSY by two bodies. This places it in a comfortable position to defend its theses through an international forum. On the other hand, the USFP returned home empty-handed.

Two years ago, they Front could not win such a position at the International Union of Socialist Youth when they were members of the presidential office. At the time, youths from the party 61983warned against suspending their activities and leaving the union.

IUSY has always aligned itself with the Polisario Front. Moreover, the organization is an important part of the Front's support network especially in Northern Europe.

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