Germany : The police opens an investigation after a mosque was put on fire

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The German police revealed that they were searching for five people accused of «attempted murder,» after an arson that has broken out in a mosque, Friday, in southern Germany.

According to a statement issued by the Stuttgart prosecutor's office and the Heilbronn police, a mosque in Leuven (northern Stuttgart) was put on fire.

The statement pointed out that «unknown persons threw several Molotov bombs through the window of the mosque while the Imam was sleeping inside.»

The Imam, who was not injured, managed to extinguish the fire, which did not cause any material damage. According to the same statement, the investigators believe that at least «5 people» were involved in the attack. And they are also searching if there are any racist motives or hatred against Muslims behind the attack.

According to the police, three suspects aged between 26 and 30 years old were arrested, but their identities were not revealed. Currently, the Berlin police are still investigating this attack, and the mosque's worshipers are praying outside the mosque.
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