Sahara : Polisario’s military presence in the buffer zones significantly reduced

Morocco’s diplomatic offensive and military efforts are finally started to bear fruit. The Polisario’s military presence in the Guerguerate and Mahbes has been significantly reduced.

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After the tensions raised in Morocco, following the Polisario’s incursions, the buffer zones’ crisis is about to fade away. In fact, the Front’s military presence in the two buffer zones has been significantly reduced. «Only one military vehicle of the three that entered Guerguarate is left there», said a source close to the file.

«Moreover, three of the four trucks that had been in Mahbes since March the 29th have returned to the Tindouf camps», said the same source. These movements came as the Moroccan government openly expressed its worries and called the Front to abide by the 1991 cease-fire.

On Sunday, Rabat officially asked the United Nations, through its foreign and interior ministers, to meet their responsibilities and react to the frequent incursions of the Polisario militiamen in the buffer zones, monitored by the MINURSO.

A diplomatic war

On the same day, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, in a letter, informed the president of the Security Council, Gustavo Meza-Cuadra, about the situation in the Sahara.

«With their repeated violations, which are now extended to several zones in the East of the security structure in the Moroccan Sahara, the other parties seriously condemn any chance of relaunching the political process».

Hilale’s letter is being «examined» by the United Nations, said the spokesman for the Secretary General Antonio Guterres, during his daily press briefing on Tuesday, April the 3rd in New York.

Waiting for a clear answer from the UN, Morocco continues with its diplomatic offensive. Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita met on Tuesday with Acting Secretary of State John J. Sullivan, the spokesman for the US State Department said in a statement.

The two diplomats focused during their meeting on «bilateral relations» and «regional issues». Meanwhile, Washington has «reiterated its commitment to support the efforts of the United Nations for a peaceful, sustainable and political, mutually accepted solution to the Western Sahara conflict,» said a statement.

Nasser Bourita visited the US capital to inform the United States of Morocco's anger regarding the Polisario’s repeated incursions into the buffer zone.

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