The life of a Korean Youtuber in Morocco

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Naelle Song, A Korean Youtuber

In one month, Naelle Song, a YouTuber who has recently started her channel on the video platform, has succeeded to attract many netizens. The 24-year-old South Korean mixes French and Darija to tell her story about her life in Morocco.

Naelle started posting videos last month. She has amassed more than 225,000 views. Three of these videos are dedicated to Morocco and accumulate an average of 40,000 views each. Her most watched video is titled "Three Moroccan items I use every day", with nearly 70,000 views.

Naelle Song settled now in Seoul, South Korea, after moving several times in her life. She lived in the United States, Canada, then in Rabat and Casablanca, and even lived in Kenya during her high school. French is her third language. She learned it at the age of 12 in Canada. The Youtuber arrived in Morocco in 2005 and lived here for seven years.

"I miss Morocco a lot and it's a big part of me", she says in one of her videos. With a lot of humor, Naelle Song tells the prejudices she has faced everyday. Most of the time, the Moroccans she met took her for a Chinese girl, so the first sentence she learned in Darija is "Ana machi chinouia, ana men Corea ljanoubia" (I'm not Chinese, I'm from South Korea).

The nostalgia of the kingdom inspires the young Korean who misses tajines, pastilla and Moroccan breakfast, as well as orange juice. She tells in the video that she uses argan oil every day, as well as the typical Moroccan hair brush.

Another anecdote, the young woman, accustomed to hearing the adhan for many years, has installed an application of it so she can hear it ring five times a day.

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