Polisario’s 45th anniversary : Sahrawis protest against the Front’s unfulfilled promises

A demonstration has marked the 45th anniversary of the Polisario’s creation. Festivities were reportedly interrupted by a wave of anger targeting the Front’s leadership.

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The Polisario commemorated Thursday, 10th of May, at «Laayoune camp», the 45th anniversary of its creation. Festivities, however, were interrupted as protesters and the Front’s security forces clashed.

Protesters were angered that the movement has changed the previously planned location to host the festivities.

«The Front’s leadership announced, at first, to the Tindouf camps’ population that the commemoration ceremony will take place in Bir Lahlou. It promised to provide transportation means for the ones wishing to go to the buffer zone to attend the festivities», a well-informed source told Yabiladi.

Angered by the Front's unfulfilled promises, «Sahrawis rejected the decision of Brahim Ghali, denouncing what they described as ‘serious concessions’ to Morocco», added the same source. 

The Polisario forced to comply with the Security Council Resolution 2414

By changing the location, the separatist movement complies with the latest Security Council resolution on Western Sahara, voted on April the 27th. The UN voiced its worries regarding the Polisario’s plans to relocate its administrative facilities to Bir Lahlou, urging it to refrain from getting engaged in destabilizing acts. The decision was taken after the Front’s armed elements withdrew from the Guerguerate area.

Contrary to last year, the Polisario’s leadership had tried to justify its withdrawal by describing it as «redeployment operation».

Two weeks after the adoption of resolution 2414, the Front has not commented yet on the Security Council's warnings. On the other hand, the Polisario made sure to react to the diplomatic crisis that erupted earlier this month between, Morocco and Iran.