Morocco’s anti-Iran claims to serve the Muslim world’s enemies, says Tehran’s Foreign Ministry

While Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita has repeatedly stressed that Morocco has irrefutable proof backing its decision to sever ties with Iran, Tehran is back with another statement denouncing allegations. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Morocco’s accusations will destabilize the Muslim world.

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi./Ph. DR

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi stated Tuesday, 15th of May, that Morocco’s accusations against Tehran will «play into the hands of the enemies of the Muslim world», reports Mehr news agency.

The official’s comments were made in reaction to Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita’s claims made public earlier this month.

«Either in their meeting with the foreign minister of our country or in their interviews with different media outlets, the authorities of this country (Morocco) did not present any conclusive evidence to prove their claims», Ghasemi told media on Tuesday.

After announcing that the Kingdom is cutting diplomatic ties with Tehran, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita stressed that the ministry has «irrefutable proof, names, and specific actions to corroborate the complicity between the Polisario and Hezbollah».

For the record, Morocco declared Tuesday 1st of May that it is severing diplomatic ties with Iran, accusing the country and Hezbollah of interfering in the Kingdom’s domestic affairs by providing support for the separatist movement.

Justifying its accusations

Moreover, Ghasemi accused Rabat of having difficulty «justifying their action before the public opinion both at home and abroad and that is why we saw that country’s foreign minister and government spokesman gave interviews and repeated the same old rhetoric against Iran».

He also added that Moroccan officials have failed to prove their claims and answer questions surrounding their decision.

«We remind them that the world public opinion does not easily believe just any false claim», he argued, insisting that the country «attaches special importance to the national security of other countries, and within this framework we hope Morocco’s recent move to sever its relations with Iran was not done as part of new regional alignments and under the pressure of certain governments that are standing against the Islamic Republic of Iran today».

Linking the crisis to the situation in Palestine

The Iranian official went further than that with his accusations referring to the situation in Palestine. «We wish their severance of relations with Iran is not in line with contributing to US and Israeli plans against anti-Zionist resistance in the region», he said.

«It is lost on no one that this inappropriate move by Morocco, which is currently the president of the Quds Committee, at a time when the world of Islam needs unity and integrity more than ever before at this sensitive juncture in the region, especially after Trump’s decision to relocate the US embassy [from Tel Aviv] to al-Quds, will only help advance the objectives of the enemies of the Muslim world and deflect attention from the most pressing issue of the Muslim world, i.e. countering aggression against holy al-Quds», he said.

Earlier this month, Bahram claimed that the measure implemented by the Kingdom last week, that «what Morocco has done is not strategic. This is not the first time Morocco acts with Iran like that».

When denying Morocco’s accusation, the Polisario Front hinted to the same thing, stressing that Morocco has been stressed by foreign parties to cut diplomatic relation with the Persian nation.

For the record, Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE have immediately announced that they are backing Morocco in its attempt to defend its sovereignty. The United States followed up, denouncing «‎the destabilizing nature of Iran's activities, including Iran's support for Hezbollah and other terrorist groups».

Washington raised concerns about theran’s activities all while supporting Morocco’s decision to sever ties with the country.

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