Weeks before the 2026 World Cup vote, Morocco rushes into persuading more countries

Weeks before the 2026 World Cup vote, Morocco and North American nations bidding to organize the tournament are rushing to get the support of more countries. Struggling to secure South Africa’s support, the Kingdom’s bid to meet other football associations in Europe.

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Morocco and the three North American countries bidding to host the 2026 World Cup are trying hard to convince more football associations in both Africa and Europe ahead of the vote scheduled for June the 13th.

The Kingdom’s bid and the joint one presented by the United States, Canada and Mexico will try on the 31st of May to win the vote of England by delivering presentations before the Football Association board during its next meeting, says ESPN Tuesday.

Two days before its England meeting, the Moroccan bid is expected to see eight other European Federations in Hungary on May the 29th, says the same source.

Morocco will meet representatives from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Lichtensein, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland on the same day.

On the 4th of June, and only nine days before the vote, the Kingdom will be meeting with the Football Association of Wales. On the other hand, the Scottish Football Federation spokesperson told the same source that they «listened to and were impressed by their proposals. It is now a matter for our board to consider».

South Africa's confusing opinion

Back to Africa, Morocco is still unable to get the support of South Africa, which claims being an influential nation in the continent.

Just like Scotland, the South African Football Association (SAFA) is unready to announce who it is backing to host the international tournament.

«South Africa’s image as a potential influencer of votes in the battle to host the 2026 World Cup is being emphasized by a rush to Johannesburg by candidate bids – Morocco and a joint North American bids - to again present their candidacy», wrote Monday South Africa's biggest Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times.

Morocco sent a high level delegation to South Africa over the weekend to get its support. Days before that, Head of the African football confederation Ahmad Ahmad traveled to Johannesburg to persuade the South African Football Association’s representatives.

So far, SAFA’s response has been confusing for both Moroccan and North American bidders. SAFA president Danny Jordaan told media that his country has not decided yet on whether it wants to support Moroccan bid or not only weeks after he told a Moroccan delegation presided by the Moroccan Royal Football Federation head Fouzi Lekjaa that «he will personally lobby» other African officials before the vote to help the Kingdom defeat the North American joint bid.

Jordaan’s statement was made public only a few days after South African Sports Minister Tokozile Xasa stressed that the country will not back the Kingdom’s bid due to political and diplomatic reasons.

Indeed South Africa is not Morocco’s biggest ally in Africa. Morocco has summoned its Ambassador in Pretoria in 2004 when the country recognized «SADR».

For the record, all federations enlisted by the FIFA will be allowed to vote on June the 13th in Russia. Morocco has already been backed by several other countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and even from the CONCACAF.