Keegan Horn, walking from South Africa to Morocco to save endangered donkeys

Keegan Horn is a South African national who is currently on a journey to Morocco to save endangered donkeys. Walking across Africa to raise awareness on animal cruelty, the young man is expected to arrive in the Kingdom in 2019.

Keegan Horn, a South African man who is walking from his home town to Morocco to save animals./Ph. Facebook-Keegan Horn
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It is day 67 for Keegan Horn, a South African animal lover who left everything to start a journey he believes can change the way Africans treat animals.

Walking from Eastern Cape in South Africa to Morocco, the 30-year-old man’s objective is to help endangered donkeys by raising funds along his way. His journey is all about protecting these species and spreading awareness of animal cruelty.

Speaking to Yabiladi, Keegan was happy to share his experience and excited to reach his destination, Morocco.

When have you started your journey and why ?

I started my journey on the 17th of April from a beautiful town called Bathurst, Eastern Cape. I have always been adventuring and touring for myself but then I realized that I wanted to make a difference. I decided to do something different and good like working for the community or raising awareness on animal cruelty.

Keegan Horn./Ph. FacebookKeegan Horn./Ph. Facebook

I did research and read books that inspired me a lot. I started getting a bee in my bonnet and decided to walk for donkeys. I carried my own stuff kind of unsupported at the beginning but I feel great about how things have been going so far. People have been so generous so far.

Why did you choose to walk from South Africa to Morocco in particular ?

I was looking at routes and countries and asking people for advice. And when I saw the beauty and culture of West Africa I got excited. I was initially going to Egypt but I feel like Morocco was calling me. My route is not set in stone because I know there will be advice on the way which might end up changing things.

How would you help endangered donkeys and have you met any during your journey ?

I have met many donkeys on this amazing journey and they all looked healthy and happy. I really want to help these beautiful creatures and now I am raising awareness on social networks and by word of mouth I have put the word out that people can donate. The money will go to designated foundations and hopefully we can adopt a donkey.

I have no idea how this initiative will turn out but as it evolves I am thinking of ways to advance and do better. There are many donkey sanctuaries in South Africa that have been a big part of the good fight and we all need to help animals.

When will you reach Morocco and what are your plans once in the North African Kingdom ?

I will give it a rough estimate of June 2019. I haven't got any plans for when I'm up there. I have many days to correspond and think about these things. But I have been contacted by a donkey project in Morocco called Dar Zerhoune Donkey Project. They said I can come and visit, which is great.

What are the most touching moments you experienced while walking for donkeys ?

I meet lots of people on route and every story I hear feels as if I am supposed to be where I am hearing it to see life from a different perspective. It feels like a good path.

When I traveled I met people that were so kind. They took me into their houses, cooked for me and gave up their bed to make me feel so comfortable. I feel so privileged to have been in the presence of all the people that I get to meet, their stories, and food.

How do you want to help donkeys in the future ?

I would like to help preserve our wildlife. But I would love to get into farming using these beautiful donkeys for assistance. The future holds something for me and I'm sure it will be something great.

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