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Mustapha Belghiti, Zagoura’s talented ballpoint pen artist

22-year-old Mustapha Belghiti has earned the title of an artist in Zagoura. Some of the young man’s works of art are currently exhibited at the city’s literary café, while others are expected to be presented to the public in the future.

A painting by Moroccan artist Mustapha Belghiti./Ph. Mustapha Belghiti- Facebook
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Mustapha Belghiti is one of those young Moroccan talented artists out there that need to be spotlighted. The 22-year-old man lives in Zagoura, southeastern Morocco, where he enjoys drawing realistic portraits using a ballpoint pen.

The student was supposed to graduate high school this year but he will have to retake his baccalaureate exam soon. «I failed to pass the exam during the first session but I will try again», he happily told Yabiladi on Tuesday.

«I have been drawing since I was a primary school student but it was during middle school that I started to develop my techniques», he explained while on the phone with Yabiladi.

When asked about his parents’ support, Mustapha said that only his mother is there for him, without referring to his deceased father.

«My work receives little support and encouragement but people appreciate my paintings. Currently, my paintings have been exhibited at Zagoura’s literary café for more than three months».

Mustapha Belghiti

Exhibited soon in Rabat

For the inhabitants of Zagoura, Mustapha Belghiti is already a brilliant artist. In addition to his exhibition in Zagoura, the young man has already exhibited his works of art at the House of Culture in Zagoura.

«Afterwards, the owner of Zagoura’s literary Café, who is interested in art, saw my paintings and asked me to join the list of artists he helped present their works and I accepted», he told Yabiladi.

As for his technique, Mustapha said that «few Moroccan artists use ballpoint pens to draw». «There is only one Egyptian artist, Mustapha Khoudeir, who can use the same technique and he produces masterpieces», he added.

The young artist wants to join the prestigious National Fine Arts Institute. «I want to join the school once I graduate high school», hoped Mustapha.  


The young artist announced to yabiladi that he has been contacted by galleries in Casablanca and Rabat. «But right now, I do not have the required amount of paintings», he explained.

«I need at least 25 paintings to exhibit. But once completed, I made the decision to follow the advice of my friends and painters that I met and exhibit in Rabat. I have until August to work on that and produce more paintings».

Mustapha Belghiti

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