Morocco-Mauritania : Head of the ruling party adds fuel to the fire

Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham, head of Mauritania's ruling party criticized King Mohammed VI for not attending the African Union summit, held in Nouakchott earlier this month.

Mohamed Ould Maham, Mauritanina politician and head of the country's ruling party./Ph. DR
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After the warm welcome Front leader Brahim Ghali received when attending the African Union summit in Nouakchott and the pro-Polisario statement President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz gave to France 24, leader of the Mauritanian ruling party, Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham criticized the Moroccan king for not showing up at the meeting held earlier this month in the Kingdom's neighboring country.

«We understand that some brothers are boycotting us for no reason», Maham wrote yesterday on his official Twitter account, referring to King Mohammed VI.

«Despite this, we will never accept that our presence in international meetings as an entirely sovereign and independent State disturb them. They must understand that we are part of the solution and not a party that is involved in the Western Sahara conflict», he said in a meeting held in Algeria.

«Treating brothers as enemies will bring them anywhere», he concluded.

Mohamed Salem Ould Salek' statement

Ould Maham's statement, targeting in particular the absence of the King of Morocco at the African Union Conference of Heads of Sate, comes as the Polisario's «Minister of Foreign Affairs», Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, openly accused during a press briefing held Tuesday in Noukchott some Mauritanian figures of serving as «Morocco's agents».

The Mauritanian government commented on Ould Salek's accusations indicating that «the positions of Mauritanian historical figures are part of the country's internal affairs».

Thursday, and during a press conference, Mauritanian Minister of Culture and spokesperson for the government, Mohamed Lamine Ould Chikh said that «others do not have the right to report or evaluate the positions of Mauritanian politicians who have made mistakes in the past».

Ould Chikh's answer came as the Polisario «minister» told media during the African Union summit that «some known Mauritanian leaders such as Hamdou Ould Horma Ould Babanah, Mohamed. Fal Ould Oumir and Eddai Ould Sidi Babah, betrayed the nation when they declared that Mauritania is a Moroccan land».

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