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World Bank’s logistics index highlights Morocco’s weak performance in 2018

Morocco has fallen in the ranking conducted by the World Bank’s logistics performance index. The report is released every two years to examine how trade logistics is used in economy.

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Morocco is 109th in the world, moving backward in the ranking conducted by the World Bank on trade logistics. The 2018 Logistics Performance Index, published on the 24th of July, shows that the Kingdom couldn’t maintain its 2016’s position (96th in the world).

Statistics compiled by the survey reveal that when it comes to North Africa, Morocco is ranked behind Egypt (67th), Tunisia (105th) and ahead of Algeria (117th) and Libya (117th). In the MENA region the North African Kingdom is at the bottom of the ranking outperformed by United Arabic Emirates (11th), Qatar (30th), Oman (43rd), Saudi Arabia (55th), Bahrain (59th), Kuwait (63rd), Iran (67th), Lebanon (76th), and Jordan (84th).

In addition to the general score granted by the report (2.54 out of 5 points), logistics performance in Morocco have also been examined.

Logistics in exports and imports

According to the World Bank report released every two years, Rabat’s customs are ranked 115th, while infrastructure is positioned 93rd in the world. International shipments are 103rd, in addition to logistics quality and competences (101st). For tracking and tracing, Morocco is ranked 112th and 114th in Timeliness.

The Logistics Performance Index has reported in details the quality of logistics in exports and imports. In Morocco, port and airport supply chain takes 2 days with an estimation of 159 Kilometers when exporting goodies, while land supply reaches 523 kilometers and a maximum of 2 days.

For imports, port and airport supply chain is limited to 292 kilometers in 3 days while land supply accounts for 631 kilometers for 2 days. The same source stresses Moroccan shipments meet quality criteria by 82%.

The World Bank says that «Morocco set up a dedicated agency in 2013 to promote the logistics sector». However, its performance remains too average for this year’s report.

In general, the survey was topped by Germany 1st, Sweden 2nd, Belgium 3rd, Austria 4th and Japan 5th.

According to the survey’s author «the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is a unique benchmarking tool, providing the same measure for more than 160 countries. At the International Transport Forum, we use the LPI as the most important starting point of dialogue with our member countries on the drivers of logistics performance».

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