U.S. clothing retailer Gap criticized for releasing a new campaign featuring a little girl in hijab

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While many people have called for a boycott of the brand in the US, outrage has also been felt in France. / DR

American clothing retailer Gap released its back-to-school campaign, on July 24th. The ad featured a veiled little girl, which sparked tension on social media, reports TV channel LCI.

The little girl was wearing a blue scarf in the campaign released in the United States and published on the brand’s Twitter account and website. LCI said, however, that it is impossible to purchase the same veil on the brand’s website.

«We're a company that makes clothes. We're also a company of people striving to make the world a little better every day, from paying women equitably to speaking out against discrimination. Equality is the way we do business», says the brand on its website.

While many people called for boycotting the brand, outrage has also been felt in France. This Thursday morning, Paris LRM deputy Anne-Christine Lang tweeted saying : «I will never accept to see little girls wearing hijab. I will never go to Gap ever again. #BoycottGap». 

Others loved the campaign, like Aroosha, a New Yorker who wears hijab. «You have no idea how important this is! We love representation of older hijabi women but this! I remember feeling so weird & out of place being a young girl wearing the hijab and for a young girl seeing this is so heartwarming and re-affirming. I’m so happy», she wrote on Twitter.

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