Saudi-Canadian crisis : Arab countries support Riyadh while Morocco remains silent

While several Arab states have decided to stand with Saudi Arabia in ist recent crisis with Canada, Morocco has, so far, preferred to remain silent.

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Gulf and North African countries support Riyadh while Morocco remains silent./Ph. DR

At the heart of the Saudi Arabia-Canada dispute, earlier this week, Morocco has remained silent at a time when many Arab countries, in North Africa and the Middle East, decided to side with Riyadh.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry hasn’t issued a statement yet on Saudi Arabia’s decision taken on Monday, 6th of August. Surprisingly, the gulf country expelled the Canadian ambassador, cutting diplomatic ties with Ottawa.

The decision was a way for Saudi Arabia to respond to the Canadian foreign minister’s comments, who called for the immediate release of detained Saudi activists.

Morocco’s silence, however, remains surprising, especially as Rabat was quick responsive to the country’s former diplomatic crises.

In March 2015, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Kingdom’s ambassador in Sweden, stressing that it is «standing with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia».

Gulf countries

On the other hand, countries from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), except Qatar, rushed into voicing their support for Saudi Arabia. They have also rejected Canada’s «interference in the Kingdom’s internal affairs».

«We can only stand with Saudi Arabia in defending its sovereignty and laws and taking the necessary measures against interfering in its affairs», Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash tweeted on Monday.

Meanwhile, Bahrain confirmed that it is backing Saudi Arabia «in its fight against external interference in its internal affairs and against anyone who is trying to undermine its sovereignty».

Kuwait and Oman joined the club through statements their Ministries of Foreign Affairs issued. Support for Saudi Arabia was extended to other countries in the region, including Egypt and Jordan.

Maghreb countries

In North Africa, Algeria was the first country to support the Saudi Kingdom. «Countries should take into account international laws and the United Nations Charter on the respect for the principles of national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of States», said the Algerian foreign ministry in a statement.

Contrary to Morocco, Tunisian Foreign Ministry said that «Tunisia is closely following the new developments of the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada», stressing the principles of national sovereignty.

«Tunisia, with its close ties of brotherhood with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hopes that the two countries would find a solution for their differences as soon as possible», said the communiqué.

Mauritania and Libya, issued by their turn statements, denouncing Canada’s recent comments and backing Saudi Arabia’s decision.

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