An ONCF train runs off its rails between Rabat and Kenitra, killing at least 7 people

Seven people died, Tuesday, in a train accident that took place near Boulknadel. 86 others were injured in the same incident.

A train runs off its rails between Rabat and Kenitra./Ph. DR
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Recent reports suggest that the number of people who died in the ONCF train accident reached 7, the regional heath directorate in Rabat-Sale-Kenitra announced this afternoon. 

Another source from Rabat's military hospital told MAP news agency that seven people were severely injured : Three of them are still at the intensive care unit while four others at critical care unit. 

Earlier this Tuesday, ONCF CEO Mohamed Rabie Khlie told reporters that at least six people died and 86 others were injured when an ONCF train derailed, Tuesday 16th of October, near Bouknadel, a city situated slightly to the north of Rabat and south of Kenitra, 

«Seven people among the ones injured are severely wounded», added Khlie, indicating that the «tragic accident took place at around 10:20 this morning». The injured were transferred to Mohammed VI military hospital in Rabat, added the senior official.

Moreover, Khlie stressed that «ONCF experts are currently investigating the real reasons that caused the incident».

An investigation was opened

On Tuesday, the Royal Cabinet issued a statement indicating that «King Mohammed VI gave his high instructions to the Interior Minister and The Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, who were on the scene, to transfer the wounded to the military hospital in Rabat».

«As a sign of compassion with the grieving families, and to alleviate their suffering following this tragic accident, HM the King has decided to personally pay for the burial and funeral expenses of the victims», said the same source.

«On this painful occasion, the Sovereign expressed to the victims' relatives his deep condolences and sincere feelings of compassion, asking the Almighty to grant them patience and comfort. HM the king also wished the wounded prompt recovery», added the statement.

«An investigation has been launched to determine the causes and circumstances of this accident», concluded the same communiqué.

For the record, a train-overturn derailment accident between the city of Rabat and Kenitra was reported this morning on social media. The accident has been revealed through a series of videos published online by passengers who were on the same train.

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