Workers in Casablanca see safety and security as an important factor, says a new study

According to Mercer’s new report on the human and social factors contributing to how megacities function, workers in Casablanca see safety and security as an important factor when deciding where to work and live.

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Casablanca and fourteen other cities have been studied by human resources consulting firm, Mercer, in its recent report, People First : Driving growth in emerging megacities, released on November the 1st.

The survey which examines the human and social factors contributing to how cities function and prosper ranks the Moroccan city 12th, behind Indian, Chinese and Mexican cities and ahead of African ones, including Nairobi and Lagos.

Taking a look at emerging megacities from workers’ perspectives through four inter-related factors namely, human, health, money and work, the report indicates that workers in Casablanca are divided into five categories.

12% of the city’s workers are confident achievers while 33% of them are identified as members of professional families. 37% of Casablanca’s workers are described as white-collar professionals and graduates and 10% are seen as struggling vocational. Only 19% of the city’s workers are considered as business owners and skilled tradespeople.

Security and safety

The study found that workers in Casablanca believe that safety and security is the most important factor when choosing where to live and work. Meanwhile, they rank personal stress and anxiety second, transportation and traffic third, air and water fourth, and affordable healthcare fifth.

According to the data gathered by the report, workers in Casablanca «have a high rating for human factors yet rank slightly lower for work- and money-related factors».

However, there is a huge gap between the expectations of these workers in comparison to the performance of each and every factor. For example, health progresses the lowest among the four factors, moving by 49%. The human factor, which is also one of the most important elements for Casablanca employees, progresses by 59%.

The global performance of Casablanca is 61%, according to the report, which puts the city in the progressing megacities category. Only 23% of workers in the Moroccan city say that they are satisfied with their lives.

Meanwhile, «over 37% of workers in the city have moderate to high stress levels», wrote the authors of the survey. 31% of the workers in Casablanca say they suffer from moderate stress levels while the rest believe that they face low stress levels.

«34% of workers in Casablanca think that caring for others is most important to performing their job», said the report.

For the record, the survey interviewed 554 workers from Casablanca, 54 of these people are considered as Businessmen and decision makers.

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