Morocco-Algeria : The Royal initiative is a «non-event», according to Algerian sources

Several days after King Mohammed VI announced that Morocco is ready to strengthen diplomatic relations with Algeria through a new «mechanism», authorized Algerian sources described the Moroccan initiative as a «non-event».

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Algeria has not reacted yet to the royal initiative announced Tuesday, 6th of November, through King Mohammed VI’s speech, delivered to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the Green March. Waiting for Algeria’s official reaction, anonymous diplomats commented on the sovereign’s «mechanism».

Algeria is not willing to answer Morocco

Algerian online newspaper Tout sur l’Algerie (TSA) wrote Saturday that «the call of King Mohammed VI is a non-event», quoting an authorized source. «It is a questionable and a suspicious offer», said Algerian sources, indicating that the country believes that «it doesn’t not deserve an official answer».

«For Algerians, hurt by the previous initiatives that did not work, this call is not sincere», said the same source, recalling the conditions set by Algeria for the reopening of land borders and the strengthening of relations between Rabat and Algeria.

Meanwhile, pan-Arab media outlet headquartered in London Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported on Saturday that Algerian diplomats told media that Algeria «will not respond to the royal initiative». They see the Moroccan project as a «way of manipulating media and spreading propaganda». «The political message announced by the King of Morocco in his Tuesday speech is contrary to diplomatic standards», said Algerian officials.

«There are known official diplomatic channels through which countries can convey their political messages and positions, instead of manipulating the media», the diplomat added.

The Algerian official believes that the Kingdom «wants the Sahara issue to be a bilateral dispute between Algeria and Morocco, while it is managed by the UN».

An initiative hailed by several countries

While several Algerian diplomats decided to negatively comment on the royal initiative, the latter was hailed by several countries, including Gulf states and Mauritania.

Mauritania has welcomed the initiative proposed by King Mohammed VI in his Green March speech, delivered Tuesday.

On Thursday, the Mauritanian Minister of Culture, Handicraft, Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, commended the Moroccan proposal, hoping to establish a joint political mechanism for dialogue and consultation between Algiers and Rabat.

Quoted by Mauritanian online newspaper Sahara Medias, Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham said that «Mauritania hopes that the initiative proposed by the Moroccan King succeeds in strengthening diplomatic ties between the two countries», noting that Mauritania welcomes the creation of this «mechanism».

«Mauritania encourages this initiative and backs measures aimed at ensuring stability and security in the region», said the Minister.

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