Algeria's Islamist parties comment on the Justice and Development Party’s initiative

Earlier this week, the Justice and Development Party (PJD) announced that some of its members are visiting Algeria to discuss ways of implementing the «royal mechanism» suggested last week. However, the PJD’s decision divided Islamists in the neighboring country.

Land borders separating Algeria from Morocco./Ph. DR
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On Tuesday, November the 13th, the General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) has welcomed the royal initiative through which King Mohammed VI urged Algeria to join the creation of «a political mechanism for dialogue and consultation».

The body decided to visit some Algerian political parties to «examine the means needed to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and overcome the differences hindering development and cooperation», said the Moroccan party in a statement.

Two days later, Islamist formations in Algeria responded to the initiative launched by PJD. The Ennahda Movement commented on the Moroccan party’s proposal through its secretary general Mohamed Doubi who said that the «methodology brought by the Morocco party will not be fruitful».

«To achieve promising results, the party should present the initiative as an official plan through the government», Doubi told Algerian newspaper Echorouk.

For the Ennahda leader, «political parties are unable to take decisions that engage the two countries». He also recalled that the «historical problems and objective reasons that led to the closure of the borders» between Algeria and Morocco. «Algerians are concerned about the security of their country, their borders and stability», added the politician.

The Justice and Development Front’s opinion

Meanwhile, Algerian Islamist political party led by Abdallah Djaballah the Justice and Development Front had also things to say about Saadeddine El Othmani’s plan. «Morocco must first put an end to tension», Algerian MP Suleiman Chennin told Echorouk.

The MP urged the Justice and Development party to «put the official decision of the Kingdom regarding the Sahara conflict apart and believe in Saharwis right to self-determination».

The Movement of Society for Peace

On the other hand, the secretary general of the Movement of Society for Peace, Abderrazak Makri is the only politician to welcome the mechanism suggested by King Mohammed VI. «Such initiatives would promote economic links between the two countries, pave the way for better diplomatic relations and strengthen bilateral ties», he told the same newspaper.

However, he did not miss the opportunity to support Saharawi’s «right for self-determination».

Makri said he is ready to meet the PJD leaders without any conditions. He recalled that the cooperation links between the two formations are «strong». «We are for the opening of dialogues and ready to meet everyone», he told Echourouk.

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