The story of the son of a Moroccan consul who worked for ISIS’ intelligence services

Moroccan-Dutch national Amine Boutahar worked as a secret agent for ISIS. It is believed that he was behind a series of terrorist attacks that targeted Europe in the past five years, according to a new book written by French investigative journalist Matthieu Suc.

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A new book published by French journalist Matthew Suc sheds light on ISIS intelligence services. Published a month ago, the book entitled «Les espions de la terreur» (The spies of Terror) (Harper Collins, 2018), reveals that the terror attacks that targeted Paris on November the 13th, 2015, were orchestrated by the «Islamic State»’s services.

The Mediapart journalist gave details about the techniques, the resources and members of the body headed by the terrorist organization in Raqqa. In his book he also referred to the story of a Moroccan-Dutch national, son of Morocco’s consul in 's-Hertogenbosch, who worked for ISIS’ intelligence services, reports Dutch newspaper De Gerderlander.

Radicalized in the Netherlands

Born in Rabat, Amine Boutahar worked for «Amniyat» a name given to ISIS’ services. He allegedly gave orders to many terrorists who targeted the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May 2014 and plotted the Paris bombings.  

Amine called himself Abu Obeida Al Maghribi when operating for the terrorist organization. But before joining ISIS, he was raised in the Netherlands and led a totally «normal» life. According to the French journalist, Amine’s life changed in 2011, when he started traveling «regularly to Syria». His family, told Matthieu Suc that their son was radicalized in the Netherlands, inspired by other Muslim extremists.

Before leaving for Syria where he played a «crucial role», Amine Boutahar had, reportedly, «worked at the Moroccan consulate in Utrecht». He was even married to a psychologist with whom he had two children, said the same source.

The father had allegedly joined for «six months, military exercises alongside other people who wanted to practice Jihad in the woods near Utrecht», said the French journalist.

On April the 1st, 2013, Amine Boutahar left the Netherlands for Syria to join ISIS. Once there, the Moroccan-Dutch man who Spoke Arabic, English, German and French unmasked spies who joined the ranks of the terrorist group.

Suspecting spies

Boutahar conducted his interrogations in the basement of a hospital where prisoners were tortured. An ex-prisoner, questioned by Matthieu Suc, spoke about the cellars where «he was tortured from 8pm to 4 am».

Boutahar’s «employees» included several terrorists who executed the deadliest attacks in Europe in the recent years. The list includes Mehdi Nemmouche, who attacked the Jewish Museum in Belgium and Najim Laachraoui, one of two suicide bombers at the Brussels Airport in the 2016 Brussels bombings.

The predominant role of Morocco-Dutch within the terrorist group and whose mission was to eliminate spies will however revive the suspicions of his superiors. «I spoke to dozens of people involved and all but one said he (Amine Boutahar, ed) spied on behalf of the British», says the journalist, quoted by the Dutch media.

Amine Boutahar was tasked with pinpointing spies inside the terrorist organization. In 2014, Isis decided to «behead» by ISIS said a former German terrorist. The Moroccan-Dutch national was «killed by a bullet in the head and his body was thrown in a well», wrote Matthieu Suc.

Despite the doubts that surround the death of Amine Boutahar, his mother confirmed that her son died, saying that she hopes she would meet him again in «paradise», concluded the journalist.

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