Morocco is one of the least generous countries in MENA region, says a Gallup report

According to the Gallup Generosity report, Morocco is one of the least generous countries in the MENA region. Only 5% of the people interview by the organization said that would donate money to a charity.

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Morocco is one of the least generous countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to the Gallup Generosity report released Wednesday, December 19th.

Conducted by American management consulting company Gallup, the 2018 World’s Most Generous Countries report discovers people who are most likely to «lend a helping hand, whether through volunteerism charitable donations or kindness to strangers» in 146 countries.

The report indicates that Morocco scored 26 points alongside Egypt, Rwanda, Benin, Venezuela, Albania and Estonia. The North African Kingdom is at the bottom of the ranking, compared to Arab countries covered by the report.

Bahrain is considered as one of the most generous countries in the MENA region, scoring 53 points. Meanwhile, Libya tops the North African region with 45 points, followed by Algeria, 28 points.


Morocco performs better in the 2018 World’s Most Generous Countries report than Tunisia, 20 points, Palestine 17 points, and Yemen 15 points.

The Kingdom is among the countries the least likely to donate money to charity. According to data provided by the survey, 5% of Moroccans said yes to people in need and are ready to donate money to charity.

The list includes Azerbaijan, Botswana, Congo, Mauritania, Greece, Palestine, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Lesotho and Yemen.

«Expect for the United States, which narrowly made the list of countries where people are most likely to have helped a stranger in the past path, the countries at the top of this list are all located in North or sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East», said the same report.

The Gallup Generosity report is based on more than 153,000 interviews with adults from 146 countries in 2017. The results of the survey were used to conduct the report.

Gallup asked people the following questions : «have you donated money to a charity? Have you volunteered your time to an organization? And have you helped a stranger or someone you didn’t know who needed help?».

According to the report, 1,4 billon people donated money to charity, 1 billion volunteered their time to an organization and 2,2 billion helped a stranger in need in the past month.

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