The family house of President Bouteflika in Oujda to be demolished soon

Reports indicated that the family house of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, located in Oujda was demolished. Speaking to Yabiladi, the president of the city’s communal council denied the information, explaining that the decision has not been executed yet.

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The family house of Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Oujda, Morocco./Ph. DR

Monday, December the 24th, reports suggested that the family house of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in the city of Oujda was demolished by the authorities after it was abandoned for years.

London-based newspaper Alquds, stated on the same day, that the house, located in the ancient Medina, was torn down after authorities in the oriental city informed the Bouteflika family.

The same source added, quoting local online newspapers, that officials from the Algerian consulate in Morocco were present when the house in question was destroyed.

Speaking to Yabiladi on Wednesday, the Algerian embassy in Oujda stated that they have no information to share on the topic, indicating that they cannot comment on that either.

The house has not been demolished yet

However, the president of Oujda’s communal council Omar Hejira told Yabiladi, this morning, that the building has not been demolished yet.

«There is not much news about the family house of President Bouteflika», reported Hejira, adding that «a lady from the family showed up and she will be representing the Bouteflikas».

Meanwhile, the official stressed that tearing down the mansion depends on a long procedure that is currently carried out. «We are now collaborating with the woman to conclude the legal paperwork and authorize the tearing down of what has been left from the house», he explained.

However, Hejira acknowledged the fact that the operation has been hindered by a couple of problems that need to be solved. «The house is located in the ancient Medina which makes it a bit tricky and hard to destroy it», recalled the official.

«We will accompany the operation, not because the house is a property of the Algerian President’s family, but because it is positioned in a very sensitive location, bordering other old houses. The tearing down must be carefully executed».

Omar Hejira

Moreover, Hejira reported that a meeting will take place next Thursday and it will be attended by a committee, created especially to deal with the house, to carry out the administrative procedure. He took the opportunity to clarify that the Oujda house belongs to the President’s relatives only.  

Born on March the 2nd, 1937 in Oujda where his parents were exiled, Abdelaziz Bouteflika was raised in a house, located in the ancient Medina before his family decided to move to the one that will be soon demolished.

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