The House of Representatives passes the compulsory military service amended bill

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed bill 44.18 on compulsory military service. The latter was amended after it was first suggested in August.

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The House of Representatives passed bill 44.18 on compulsory military service, Wednesday December the 26th, by a majority vote (106).

The government of Saadeddine El Othmani rejected several amendments proposed by some parliamentary groups. Among these amendments is the obligation of passing compulsory military service to work for the government.

El Othmani’s government also refused the idea of allowing Moroccan women to chose whether they want to join compulsory military service. «This amendment contradicts equality principles set by the Constitution and would be discriminatory», Minister-Delegate for National Defense Abdellatif Loudiyi stated.

The government turned down an amendment submitted by two MPs from the Federation of the Democratic Left, suggesting that military service in Morocco must be voluntary and that insisting that the government must provide jobs for those who passed the service.

Meanwhile, El Othmani’s cabinet refused to reduce prison sentences to be handed down to people who might refuse to join the mandatory military service.

Amendments approved by the government

On the other hand, the government approved a number of amendments. According to Article 11 form the bill on compulsory military service, «applicants with disabilities caused during the period spent in the military service camps will be compensated and granted a sum of money».

Indeed, article 14 from the bill states that «applicants will be able to sit for exams and interviews for jobs while in the program».

Introducing this bill, which aims to consolidate the feeling of belonging to the motherland and to promote the spirit of sacrifice and self-denial, minister delegate in charge of national defence administration, Abdeltif Loudyi, said that the reinstatement of military service takes place following the instructions of King Mohammed VI and is in accordance with Article 38 of the Constitution which states that all citizens contribute to the defense of the homeland and its territorial integrity against any attack or threat.

The aim of military service is to strengthen social cohesion, to ease professional and social integration and to instil a military culture based on discipline, courage, commitment, responsibility and respect for institutions, he pointed out.

The minister stressed that an online portal will be created by the ministry to list the ins and outs of the program and provide pieces of information about it.

Implemented for the first time in Morocco in 1966 and banned in August 2006 through a royal decree, compulsory military service will be reinstated again, twelve years after its abolition.

On Monday, 20th of August, a special government meeting was held in Tetouan to discuss bill 44.18 on compulsory national service.

The new measure will target young people aged between 19 and 40 years old, except those who are still studying and others who are physically challenged.

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