A Spanish NGO denounces the working conditions of Moroccan women in Ceuta

Inequalities and human rights violations against Moroccan women working in Ceuta are numerous. A recent report examines the phenomenon that affects domestic workers.

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The Association for Human Rights in Andalusia (APDHA) denounced the situation of Moroccan Domestic workers in Ceuta in a report made public on December the 20th.

According to this study around 25 000 Moroccan women cross the borders daily to enter Ceuta. 99% of these women are domestic workers or mule women, who transport tax-exempt goods on their person across the Morocco-Spain border. As for sex workers, they represent only a tiny part of the group, the same association pointed out.

Moreover, the Spanish NGO stated that cross-border workers in the city are mainly from «the Tetouan region and they mostly work for construction companies and hotels and as salesmen, domestic or sex workers».

Inequalities and human rights violations

This report was exclusively focused on domestic workers who enormously contribute to the city’s economy, explained the association quoted by Spanish online newspaper El Faro de Ceuta.

The NGO added that these cross-border workers «whose wages are below the legal minimum» are generally hired without signing a work contract.

«There are cases where 'girls' stay in the houses of Ceuta all day long, without a contract, for 200 euros a month. Something that is almost unbelievable for other cities, but for these women it's the only way of earning a living».

The Association for Human Rights in Andalusia

In this situation, there is what could be called «social consciousness» that is normalizing. Nevertheless, the association emphasizes that «when economic opportunities are based on inequality, rights and law could be easily violated».

Thus, there is an «urgent need to rectify the inequality and the violation of human rights in the border» says the association. To this end, the latter advocates the establishment of an action plan to eliminate arbitrariness and create means of protection against human rights abuses and violations targeting these workers.

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