Imlil killings' main suspects : Danish people award two Moroccan vendors for notifying police

A Danish citizen has launched a fundraising campaign to award two Moroccan vendors who notified the police about the three main suspects, accused of killing two Scandinavian tourists in Imlil.

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106 Danish people have contributed to a fundraising campaign, launched to award the two Moroccan vendors who, reportedly, helped arrest the three main suspects involved in the Imlil killings, reports Danish newspaper B.T.

The fundraising campaign, initiated by Danish citizen Tina Flensborg Jensen, managed to gather 19,000 dirhams for a water and peanut vendors in Marrakech. Journalists from the Danish newspaper have even flown to Morocco to meet one of these vendors to give him the money.

This initiative was started to commend the bravery of the two men, the same source added, recalling that on December the 20th one of them tried to sell water to the three suspects arrested the same day in a bus station in Marrakech.

Helped by Louisa's family

«Boarding the bus, the water vendor realized that one of the three men had a big knife on him», explained the Danish newspaper. His friend who sells peanuts in the same station noticed the same thing and they both notified a police officer about it.

«I reported these men to the police because I want to help my hometown. I am Moroccan and my country means a lot to me», said the water vendor to B.T. «When I found out what they had done to the two women, I was hurt», he added.

Speaking to the same source, Tina Flensborg Jensen said she was touched by the story of the two men and their courage. To her, what the two vendors had done was commendable as «it prevented the terrorist cell from committing other criminal acts».

According to Jensen, family members of Danish backpacker Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, who was killed alongside her friend Maren Ueland in Morocco, have participated to the campaign. «Louisa’s family contributed to the campaign and thanked me for the initiative», Jensen told the same source.

A different story of the arrest

Meanwhile in Morocco, things went in a different way on the day the three main suspects were arrested. Reportedly, after committing the awful crime the three men left Imlil for Marrakech.

Once in the city besieged by BCIJ forces, they spent two nights on the streets before deciding to leave for Agadir.

On Thursday, December the 20th, BCIJ members recognized them as they entered the Bab Doukkala bus station. After they boarded a bus heading south, authorities stopped them when the vehicle made its way out of the Bab Doukkala bus station.

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