The Polisario sends a letter to the Security Council, protesting against the EU-Morocco deal

After it threatened to seek the Court of Justice of the European Union to cancel the EU-Morocco agricultural agreement amended last week by the European Parliament, the Polisario Front sent a letter to the President of the UN Security Council.

The UN Security Council./Ph. DR
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Days after the European Parliament voted in favor of two amendments related to the EU-Morocco Association agreement, the Polisario Front’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Sidi Mohamed Amar, sent a letter to the UN Security Council.

The latter, quoted by the Polisario’s news agency, was addressed to Ambassador José Singer Weisinger, Special Envoy of the Dominican Republic to the Security Council, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the Council for this month.

Morocco and the European Union slammed by the Polisario’s letter

In its letter, the separatist movement «drew the attention of the members of the United Nations Security Council to the serious threat posed by the European Union's attempts to include the occupied Sahrawi territories in its trade agreements with Morocco».

The Front protested against the «consequences that could undermine the prospects for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Western Sahara under the current endeavors of the Security Council and the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General».

«Approving the amended EU-Morocco agricultural agreement would have a negative impact on the UN-led political process by encouraging Morocco to continue its illegal occupation of parts of Western Sahara», wrote the Polisario, urging the Security Council to «call upon the European Union to reconsider this short-sighted and negative position».

The Front did not miss the opportunity to urge «Europeans to rethink their recent decision and to immediately cease all trade agreements involving the Western Sahara territory».

The Polisario and the Dominican Republic

The letter sent by the Polisario to the Security Council comes after Brahim Ghali announced that the entity is seeking the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The Polisario Front is trying through its representative sin New York to bring back the Western Sahara issue. However, the Dominican Republic which heads the Security Council for this month does not recognize «SADR». In May 2002, the country withdrew its recognition of the Polisario.

Meanwhile, Morocco worked on bettering its diplomatic relations with the Caribbean nation. In an official visit to Morocco in July, 2018, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, Dominican Foreign Minister, said that the Moroccan autonomy plan is a «solution that must be considered as a feasible proposal to guarantee stability in the region».

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