Saad Lamjarred’s alleged victims give their version of the story in a TF1’s report

In addition to French woman Laura Prioul, three women who accuse Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred of raping them, gave their version of the story in a report broadcast on French TV channel TF1. Two of them accepted to let Laura tell their stories, requesting anonymity.

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Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred./Ph. DR

Private national French TV channel TF1 broadcast, Sunday, a report in which four women told their shared stories with Moroccan pop singer Saad Lamjarred. Entitled «Sept à Huit», the one-hour-long report featured the testimonies of the four women who accuse the singer of allegedly raping them, including French reality TV star Laura Prioul.

The latter, who filed a complaint against Lamjarred in October 2016, reported her own story in addition to the ordeal of two other women who claim that they were «sexually abused» by the singer.

«The first one to share her story is a Moroccan national who said she was raped in a Marrakech hotel by the singer in 2015. The second one, of Algerian origins, says she was assaulted in October 2017 in Paris at the place of Saad Lamjarred’s friend», reports LCI.

A series of rapes since 2015

«He took my virginity, that is why I cannot speak up. I think of committing suicide every now and then because what happened destroyed my life», said one of Lamjarred’s alleged victims. She also accused Moroccan police of refusing to «listen to her». «They called my father and threatened him so I withdrew my complaint», she told TF1 TV.

The fourth alleged victim claimed that «she has been raped three times in April 2015 in Casablanca, and just like Laura, she was in front of a different man». The same woman reported that the «police refused to accept her complaint and many lawyers refused to defend her», the same source said.

Meanwhile, Laura Prioul stated that she was «offered 1 million euros to withdraw her complaint».

Indicted for «rape», the Moroccan pop star was arrested on August 26 in Saint-Tropez after a woman lodged a complaint against him. The Liberty and Detention judge then placed him under judicial supervision, prohibiting him from leaving the country, and confiscating his passport.

It is not the first time that Lamjarred faces similar accusations. In October 2016, the singer was arrested in Paris for allegedly «raping» and sexually assaulting Laura Prioul.

While awaiting trial, Saad Lamjarred remained incarcerated until April 2017, when he was released by the Paris Court of Appeal on the condition of wearing an electronic bracelet. In March, he was authorized to travel to Morocco to promote his song «Ghazali Ghazali».

For the record, Lamjarred was indicted for rape on April 11, 2017, after a French-Moroccan woman claimed that he had beaten and sexually assaulted her in Casablanca in 2015.

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