British Royals in Morocco : Royal Air Maroc comments on the lost luggage

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Moroccan national carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) reacted on Monday to reports related to the delay of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s flight, as well as the lost luggage of three British royal photographers.

In a communiqué sent Monday to Yabiladi, RAM said that because of the heavy fog over London, the London airport authorities, Heathrow and Gatwick asked several airlines including the Moroccan one to suspend temporarily their flights to the capital on Saturday.

«AT 803, which was carrying Prince Harry and a British delegation was also affected by the decision of the British airport authorities and had to go through a one-hour delay», RAM said.

As for the lost luggage of three royal photographers, Royal Air Maroc said that the «three passengers in question were indeed traveling on AT 801 on Friday, February the 22». However, it accused them of not «checking their luggage».

«We were subsequently informed that, for purely operational reasons related to the three passengers, the said luggage had to be transported from London to Casablanca via a stopover in Madrid through another airline company other than Royal Air Maroc. It was not a decision of our company», RAM clarified.

For the record, three British photographers, who were assigned to take photos of the royal couple while visiting the Kingdom, reported on Twitter that they lost their suitcases while flying with the Moroccan airline.

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