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Spain : The terrorist cell that wanted to wreak havoc Morocco relied on drug money

From their prison cell in Spain, a group of Moroccan detainees wanted to wreak havoc the Kingdom, using drug money.

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Dismantled on February the 4th in Spain, a terrorist cell has been planning to wreak havoc in Morocco. New reports suggest that the cell’s Moroccan members, held currently in the de Valdemoro prison in Madrid, were plotting to sow the seeds of terror in Morocco.

The terror cell had a «criminal plan that was financed by drug money», revealed Spanish radio station Cadena Ser, quoting Europa Press.

To execute their plan, they set up «a distribution network of Karkoubi, the country's most common street drug (…) they also sold hashish», the same source said.

The cell was headed by a Moroccan national, convicted of terror-related offences, and who is known for being very «charismatic». He relied on the services of a prison guard, who got involved in the network.

On February the 5th, Spanish newspapers reported that the official was paid to hand other prisoners USBs that had ISIS propaganda videos on them, in addition to mobile phones.

They wanted to sow the seeds of terror in Morocco

The latter was later arrested by the Spanish police. Three other Moroccan nationals were also detained for their alleged involvement in providing logistical means to the Valdemoro cell.

Investigators believe that the network, behind bars, has already taken steps to recruit «followers» who could lead terror attacks in Madrid and Barcelona. «The network ordered its followers to purchase weapons and explosives in summer 2018», the same source added.

Spanish police are currently working on «identifying contacts inside and outside prison as well as the cell’s links to international terrorism».

Investigations revealed that the cell’s members «deeply hate» Morocco. «This an unusual thing for jihadists and extremists. Their hatred goes beyond the rejection of Spain and the West. They believe that their native country is trying to please Europe. That is why they kept repeating the fact that ‘they must set fire to Morocco’».

Behind prison bars, the cell in question was very organized and structured. It was led by its «charismatic» leader and interviews were set to recruit new members.

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