More than 70% of unemployed Moroccans want to become salaried employees, says HCP

Most of unemployed Moroccans who have been job hunting, in 2018, want to become salaried employees, according to HCP. In a survey published today, the agency reports that unemployment affects women more than men.

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75% of jobless people in Morocco are on the hunt of becoming salaried employees, paid a fixed amount of money or compensation every month, reveals the Kingdom’s planning agency (HCP) in a new report relayed by MAP news agency.

The percentage of women seeking salaried employment exceeds 80%, says the agency. On the other hand, the number of unemployed men searching for this kind of employment is 71%.

In its survey, HCP points out that 81,3% of degree holders in the Kingdom want to become salaried employees while only 71.1% of those who do not have degrees have the same ambitions.

Giving more details about the employment sector in the Kingdom, HCP reports that 67.6% of unemployed people are willing to work in any sector. 20.1% of the same category prefer to find jobs in the private sector while 9% choose the public sector. The planning agency stressed that 19.3% of Moroccan graduates opt for the public sector when job hunting.

When it comes to the place of work, 6 unemployed people out of 10 prefer to look for a job in the city where they live, especially women (72.9%).

Unemployment affects women more than men

Moreover, the agency explains that 67.9% of jobless people in Morocco job search, relying on their relatives, friends and families while only 30% of them reach employers, directly to get the job.

In a different note published on the same day, HCP reported that the number of jobless people moved from 1,216,000 to 1,168,000 in 2018. With this drop the unemployment rate thus fell from 10.2% to 9.8% in Morocco.

Currently, the unemployment rate in urban areas moved to 14.2% while it reached 3.5% in rural areas, says HCP.

The majority of unemployed people are urban dwellers (84.7%), said the agency explaining that : men (64.9%) and young people aged between 15 and 29 years old (65.7%). The unemployment rate is 26% among young people aged between 15 and 24 and 43.2% among urban residents from the same category.

According to the agency headquartered in Rabat, unemployment affects women more than men, adding that this is more noticeable in urban areas where the unemployment rate is 24.3% among women compared to 11.4% among men.

The note also shows that the unemployment rate increases with the level of qualification, from 3.4% among those with no degree to 17.2% for graduates.

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