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UPR congress : Nizar Baraka leads an Istiqlal delegation in Mauritania

Nizar Baraka./Ph. DR
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Invited by the ruling party, a delegation from the Istiqlal party will be attending, Saturday in Nouakchott, the congress of the Union for the Republic (UPR). The delegation will be headed by Nizar Baraka the Istiqlal party's Secretary-General. 

The meeting is expected to reinforce the candidacy of Mauritanian Defense Minister Mohamed Ould Ghazouani who is running for presidential election.

This visit comes after tensions marked the relationship between the two parties. Hamid Chabat who was, two years ago, the party’s Secretary-General commented on «Mauritania’s independence» in a way that angered UPR.

The latter responded to Chabat’s comments, saying that «it is a campaign launched against Mauritania after its successes in the regional and international scenes».

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