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Touring Latin America, Juan Guaido reiterates gratitude for Morocco's support

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Venezuela’s self-declared Interim President Juan Guaido. / Ph. Ueslei Marcelino – Reuters
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Venezuela's acting president Juan Guaido reiterated, on Thursday, his gratitude and appreciation for Morocco's support for the Venezuelan people's aspirations for democracy and freedom.

Touring Latin American countries that have recognized his government, Guaido met with Morocco’s ambassador to Brasilia.

«He also renewed his full and total willingness to build a strong and confident relationship with Morocco and to overcome all the prejudices caused by the Chavez and Maduro regime with their malicious interference in Morocco's territorial integrity», wrote MAP news agency.

On February 18, Guaido hailed Rabat’s support for his «self-declared government». Speaking to Emirati TV channel Al Ghad, Guaido thanked Arab countries, especially Morocco, for supporting opposition forces in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s self-declared Interim President is seeking to establish diplomatic ties with Morocco. This was announced during a meeting that brought Morocco’s ambassador to Peru and a Caracas’ diplomatic representative in February.

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