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Italy : To defend a bill, Matteo Salvini refers to an accident caused by a Moroccan national

Italy Interior Minister Matteo Salvini./Ph. DR
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Presenting a draft bill on drugs, submitted by his right-wing party, Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini based his arguments on a traffic accident that occurred Saturday.

«Drugged», «bast**d», and «a**hole», were the words that the minister chose to describe the Moroccan driver who was behind the accident that took place Saturday in Recanati. Two people were killed in the accident. The suspect, Marouane F., was on drugs when he was driving, according investigators.

The Italian Minister believes that the driver, who was in his car with two other people, «was drunk and on drugs when driving his car, with an expired driving license».

The man in question was arrested in April 2018 after police discovered that he carried with him 225 kilograms of hashish. Following the tragic accident, the police found out that the man had drugs on him and 2,000 euros.

The Minister wondered «how come a man who is involved in drugs case can walk in peace», adding that «he must disappear off the face of earth».

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