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Western Sahara : Losing ground in Europe, the Polisario knocks on Ireland’s door

Members of the Polisario delegation with the Irish President Michael D. Higgins. / Ph. DR
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After a month that was marked by diplomatic failures, the Polisario Front is trying to hit back, receiving and sending delegations abroad. This week, a delegation from the Tindouf camps visited the republic of Ireland and was received by the its president.

According to the Front’s press agency SPS, the delegation was composed of Mohamed Sidati, the Polisario’s «Minister Delegate to Europe», as well as Mohamed Yaslem Bissat a member of the separatist movement. «The meeting was an opportunity for the delegation to hand over the Irish President Michael D. Higgins a letter from Brahim Ghali», the same source said.

In Ireland, the Polisario delegation held meetings with several Irish politicians. On Friday, members of the separatist movement were received at the headquarters of the Irish Foreign Affairs Ministry.

This visit comes as the Polisario has been home to several foreign delegations, coming from Europe and the United States. A French delegation of French solidarity activists has visited the Tindouf camps, recently, and was received by Brahim Ghali.

Days before that, the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee arrived in the camps, heading a Congress delegation.

This visit was followed by a second one from the European Parliament. Headed by the president of the Confederal Group of the European United Left / Green Left in the European Parliament, the German Gabriele Zimmer, the delegation was received by the Polisario’s leader Brahim Ghali.

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