Diaspo #82 : Hamza NaGham, a Moroccan busy bee in China

In little time, Moroccan student Hamza NaGham managed to set a busy schedule in China, going from studying to teaching all the way to singing. The Guelmim-native is active all over Wuhan, where he plans to kick-start an engineering career.

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Hamza NaGham, a Moroccan student living in China./Ph. DR

Hamza Boukraicha, a.k.a NaGham, is an ambitious young man who opted for China, when thinking of his studies, career and talent. The Guelmim-native is one of the few Moroccans who joined the East Asian country to lay the foundation stone of his future.

Born in Morocco, Hamza studied and lived in the city known as the Kingdom’s gateway to the desert. After graduating high school, he moved to Kenitra to pursue his studies in mechanical engineering at the Higher Institute of Technology.

«When I finished school, I moved to China to further my studies in the same field», Hamza told Yabiladi in a phone call. Currently, the Moroccan student is still learning Chinese at the Hubei University in Wuhan, the regional capital of the Hubei province.

Although his stay in China has not been that long as of yet, Hamza managed to accumulate a busy schedule in the country. As a highly sociable person, Hamza blended in very quickly, falling in love with his new home and its numerous opportunities. «After picking up the language, I am planning to study electrical or mechanical engineering», Hamza said.

Active all over Wuhan

Excited about his life in China, Hamza shared with Yabiladi some of the activities he embarked in upon arrival. «I have plenty of part-time gigs», he proudly declared. «One of the things I do is teaching (…) I teach English to children in three schools in the city», Hamza said.

In Wuhan, Hamza teaches Arabic too to one of his Chinese students. «She is a VIP student who is so in love with the Arabic language», he said, adding : «Being the curious person that I am I tried to know why she was very attracted to the language but she refused to reveal it, requiring extra one-on-one classes».

While in China, Hamza is keeping himself busy, working on other projects. In fact, the highly active young man works with several companies that wish to advertise their products. «I do voice-over in Arabic, in ads for several companies that want to sell their products to Arabic-speaking clients», he said, stressing that he might do that in the future in Chinese too.

Hamza is, indeed, an eager beaver who wants to fill his time with several activities. «Upon my arrival, a local friend showed me a website where I can upload my CV, skills and the jobs I can do (…) I was surprised when I received so many calls from recruiters wanting to hire me although I am not that fluent in Chinese yet», Hamza recalled.

In his third time, the young man focuses on music, his passion. After releasing several songs in Morocco, Hamza participated to some events in China where he sung in Arabic. «During the New Year Gala, at university, I volunteered to represent Morocco and my school and sing a song», Hamza told Yabiladi.

«I also sung in a cultural event, where I had to represent Morocco and wear the Sahrawi attire», he added.

In addition to his many activities, Hamza spends his time socializing with people around him. «I am the only Moroccan student at the University», said Hamza who sees this as an opportunity to get closer to locals and learn about their culture.

«I am planning to extend my stay in China and maybe settle down here», Hamza concluded.

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